Easy Returns
$7.00 / parcel

Easy returns and happy customers

Returns Easy to setup

Go live within 30 minutes

Sign up for a HUBED account and start configuring your portal

Convenient locations

Locations Australia wide

Over 2000 dropoff locations with extended opening hours

Easy Returns management

Hassle free and seamless

Hassle free for both retailers and consumers

Why choose HUBBED?

92% of customers say they would buy again if the product returns process was easy. We help you maintain repeat customers.

Integrates with all payment gateways. Simply select which one when configuring your portal.

We supply the returns label for printing and manage delivery

Manage and keep track of all your returns in one place.

Keep your customers in the loop

Perfect for small businesses and technophobes

Same cost no matter how many returns are booked. There’s no surprises

Full tracking and tracing with every parcel

Boost good reviews with an easy and efficient returns experience

Get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Sign for a HUBBED account and login to your Returns Portal
  • Customise your portal and preview
  • Go live 

Where are Returns dropped off?

We partner with 7 Eleven, BP petrol stations, National Storage, Pack and Send and independent retailers to offer flexible and accessible drop off locations. 

Our sites offer extended hours and 24/7 availability to suit any schedule. Our secure over the counter and smart locker sites give both you and your customers peace of mind.


Returns Portal


  • Returns portal
  • Works with your existing logistics provider
  • Returns label
  • Complete track and trace
  • Access fee waived for the first month
  • Parcel transaction fee $8.50 per parcel (freight included)


Click & Collect


  • Click & Collect plug in
  • Works with your existing logistics provider
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Unique parcel collection PIN code for added security
  • Access fee waived for the first month
  • Parcel transaction fee $2.00 per parcel (freight included)

Important information: Prices in AUD exclude GST, Shopify Click & Collect users will be billed by Shopify, Parcel Guidelines apply

Parcel Guidelines

Maximum size is 120cm cubic dimensions (adding together the length, width and height). Which is about the size limit of airline carry-on luggage. Maximum weight is 10kg

Require a custom solution?